March 2019   
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Bible Study/Prayer Meeting
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Opening God's Word to discover His will for our lives.


Bible Study/Prayer Meeting
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Opening God's Word to discover His will for our lives.
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American Revival begins with YOU

Greetings dear reader,

Today the nation installs a new president and with this transition comes anticipation and fear.  Some are so overwhelmed thinking this president will somehow ruin their life or cause great harm to befall them.  My response to those concerned folks is simply this:  Donald Trump isn't God, therefore you should recall Jesus' words "Let not your hearts be troubled".

 If you place all your hopes and dreams on the government of the USA rather than on the Creator of everything, you might need to step back, take a deep breath and pray.  Politicians come and go, some laws help and some laws hurt yet God is still on His throne and He knows everything going on in the world including what's happening in your circumstances.

This new president is going to make mistakes just like the 44 previous presidents before him.  He will also do some good for this nation if given the chance to do what he was elected to do.  I may disagree with his rhetoric and some policies this new president has used but he is still the president.  I didn't like the last one, I am not crazy for this one but he is the one God placed in this position for a time such as this.

Now crawl out of your safe space and offer a hand to your neighbor in brotherly love.  If you want America to truly be great again, do your part.  Work hard, earn your way, be kind & polite and follow Jesus Christ.  Don't just say you believe in Him, actually LIVE LIKE YOU DO!

Love him or not, Donald Trump is our 45th president.  I plan on praying for him and this great nation to turn to Jesus like never before.  This country needs revival!  Don't believe me? While you were reading this, another 4 people were shot at in Chicago and Indianapolis.  

If we will turn from our wicked, sin accepting ways and seek out righteousness and strive for Holiness, this world will get better.  

Revival and making America great again begins with us turning to God, not a president.   

May God bless you and America!