Easter @ DBC

Greetings Friends,

This coming Easter is the perfect opportunity to witness and invite folks you know to join you in worship!

As you think about who you can ask to join you, I encourage you to PRAY FIRST!  God will reveal just who you need to invite.  You may know several people who are currently unchurched but God knows who is going to respond with a YES!  Of course this is not to discourage you to ask folks to come but it is always best to seek God's direction and wisdom before we act.  

The Deacons and I have been praying for new souls to come and hear the Gospel and for those who faithful church members have mentioned as potential invitees.  This is serious business friends.  Souls hang in the balance with all the distractions of the world hard at work to pull people away from church in favor of "Sunday Fundays".   One of these days, those who choose not to worship will have to give an account for their decision to ignore the call to regular and faithful attendence and support. Something few pulpits preach today is the fear and admonition of the Lord.  This message is not neglected at DBC, from the Sunday School teachers to the Pastor we are all in harmony teaching young and old students alike that God is WORTHY of our regular and faithful attendance.  It is high time that we all take seriously the command to not forsake the assembly!  If we can be faithful to our jobs and kid's events we can certainly do likewise with our worship.

As you spiritually prepare yourself for Easter (and I hope you are), I want to encourage you to look back at 2018 and see how faithful you were in your worship(tithes and offerings, attendance, service, witnessing and praying for others).  If you see room for improvement, be honest with the Lord and repent and do better.  I realize nobody's perfect (I have my own repentance list also) but God expects those of us who call ourselves Christians to do our best.  

Let's make Easter 2019 the beginning of a fresh start.  A new beginning for your Christian walk and dedication to represent Christ wherever you go!


God bless you all and Happy Easter!


Pastor Brad