New Year, new opportunities!

Greetings Friends,

As we bid adeiu to 2018 and welcome 2019, I take just a moment to look back and THANK the Lord for the blessings we experienced these past 12 months.  From 4 souls that professed faith in Jesus to a father & son being baptized, we have witnessed the saving power of Jesus Christ in full effect.  There is no better feeling for a pastor than to see folks respond to the Gospel.  Also the church has undertaken the task of removing old storm windows from the beautiful stained glass windows in our sanctuary and 3 of 4 have been replaced, giving our exterior a fresh look and protecting the beauty of our worship area.  We have also happily welcomed new members into our Fellowship this year!  

This coming year promises to be another year of growth and victory as the Lord blesses us.  I have an optimistic outlook only because I truly believe the Lord desires us to succeed.  If we go into 2019 dreading the days, how can we effectively witness to the Lost when we appear not to have hope?  My God is bigger than that!  He can bless us.  We must strive to do our very best to be pleasing to Him so those blessings will rain down on us. 

If you would, I humbly ask you to pray for us.  Pray that we will stay hungry and revived, pray that we will be faithful and obedient.  Above all else, I ask you to pray hard for souls to be saved.  The enemy will still be trying to bring the church down but churches don't save souls, only Jesus. Churches are under attack all the time so we must be on guard and stay prayed up and in the Word to quench every fiery dart shot our way.   I thank you in advance and wish you and yours health, prosperity and peace for this coming year!

Yours truly,

Brad Sloan, Senior Pastor