March 2019   
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Bible Study/Prayer Meeting
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Opening God's Word to discover His will for our lives.


Bible Study/Prayer Meeting
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Opening God's Word to discover His will for our lives.
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Summer of Salvation

Greetings Dear Reader,

As the temperatures begin to rise and the humidity gets thicker my mind begins to focus on the activities of Summer.  

This Summer we will be hosting  VBS for students from pre-k to 6th grade.  The kids will experience the "Submerged" theme, complete with a huge yellow submarine, suitable for taking them deeper in their relationship with the Lord.  Registration will be July 10th from 5-6 in the Fellowship Hall with VBS starting that Monday from 6-8 pm.   This year's Mission will be for the students to bring a canned good each night to stock the Dahlgren Village Hall's Senior Citizen food program.  This program is desperately needed to help our local Senior Citizens get at least one hot meal a day.  Helping others is the mission the Lord expects us all to fulfill and iff we train up a child in the way they should go, we know they won't stray far from it!  Last year, we held a penny war which started a fund to help less fortunate kids at the Dahlgren Grade School receive a pair of shoes or a winter coat as needed.  Young and Old alike need help from time to time and this is the way we at DBC can help raise up the next generation of caring and compassionate citizens to honor the Lord with their charity.

Following VBS is the GTBA SUMMER CAMP!  We all have fond memories of church camp and this year should be no different as the students will get to experience the teaching, games and fellowship with other students from around the area in a safe and fun environment.  If you'd like  your student to attend, you NEED to call the church or swing by and pick up a registration form ASAP.  Camp fills up quickly so you need to get the ball rolling and get the form filled out and the $25.00 fee which covers meals and lodging. (except spending money for the canteen) 

VBS and Church Camp are the top two evangelistic tools the church has to help win souls for Christ.  This summer, we expect a great harvest for the Lord and it begins with parents like you who want to see your child follow the Lord, so put down the ball gloves, park the boat and let the grill cool off for a couple of weeks and connect with Dahlgren Baptist Church this Summer as we do our part to share the Gospel in our community and serve it for the Lord's Glory.

May God bless you always & stay cool this summer!  

In Christ's Service,

Brad Sloan, Pastor

Dahlgren Baptist Church